V. George Smith is a songwriter and musician with roots hailing from New Haven, CT. He released his "1fifty mixtape" January of 2011 and his debut album entitled "My Whole Life" in February of 2012. In August, his new single "My Joy" feat Claude Deuce & Denise Powell was released which is the lead song from his anticipated upcoming project "Hello Beautiful People". V. George Smith's deep affinity for music was cultivated at an early age and since then has branched out into radio serving as a co-host of "The Remix" on Bonnerfide Radio. He is also a contributor to the comedic team "The Playmakers" as well as "My Take", a YouTube series featured on Alright TV. As a modern day "Renaissance Man", V. George Smith continues to write message driven music and refuses to follow any trends staying true to his belief that the word of God is and will always be the driving force of every song he writes to influence a generation to be healed and draw nearer to Christ Welcome to My Whole Life!


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